Doubt is perceived as negativity ( as in “I doubt myself”), as the first thing that comes to mind when hearing the word. In neutral context, when someone says “I have a doubt”, or “I doubt it”, we think “we are not out of the woods with this one”. Either he does not trust himself, or others. This explains why doubt always sounded negative to me. As if society does not want us to doubt about anything.


I have doubted myself, on an ad-hoc basis. To this day,  good sense tells me to trust my gut feelings, but sometimes, doubt tells me another. This is not a healthy relationship between doubt and myself. Doubt is intrusive and wrecks havoc in my “supposed to be serene” emotional space.


I want doubt to become a reliable friend, pointing to the most appropriate,  greatest direction. Doubt seen as a hint, an arrow pointing to a rock that needs to be turned. Doubt always brought me to the past, to memories better forgotten, forever present in my psyche. Doubt noises polluted me with undesirable thoughts.


I am now creating a new path with doubt, giving it a new definition. Choosing to use doubt as a tool, I now develop my own ways of letting reality sink in, by giving it a positive spin. I am grateful for all of my emotions, including doubt, as it is through experiencing them fully that I am being informed about who I am, my needs, and how to better align with my dreams and values. Doubt as checkpoint, a moment of truth captured and dealt with. Doubt as arrow pointing to the best adjustments and choices, hence becoming who I really am. I now adopt doubt as the proverbial arrow, a companion on the greatest journey and