Solitude is not loneliness. Solitude is a gift in the timespace of our existence. How can one befriend him/herself if not in solitude? How can I, as a human being, get to know myself better if I do not regularly take time with myself to learn, read, reflect on a full life, and my attitudes toward it?

I am lucky. I am an introvert. I am an only child. I do not have family, apart from my dear husband. I re-energize when I am by myself. I like to learn and discover. For me, crowds and parties are so superficial when a deep relationship does not exist with each and everyone of the guests. God whispers in the quietness of one’s heart. I make time to try to open my heart to listen to my intuition.

There is a whole other universe (in fact part of this one) that is to be discovered if we are willing to open our senses and intuition to the invisible realities. The world in which we live is the effect of everything to be discovered in solitude.

The life path I am following offers many opportunities for solitude. I learned a lot through that state, and I will continue to. I have deep gratitude for such circumstances that enable me to fully enjoy the freedom and time for endless discoveries and the  deepening of my quest for the mysteries of our life on this earth.