Thank you my shadows. I do not want to name you, but I recognize you when you are actively at work in my life.  I know I must befriend you, know you better, although I do not yet fully understand why. Probably it has do do with the radical acceptance of who I am in the present moment, the sum total of everything that has influenced me, good or bad, and that I have kept inside myself and carried with me, consciously or unconsciously. From my readings, I learned that there is a positive side to you all, shadows. I also realize I am the one to operate the transmutation from shadow to light.

I tasted the effects of your impacts on my life and did not like it. I have been misjudged and misunderstood so often it has become unfair. I am not a victim though. I have learned many things about myself, thanks to you shadows. I have learned that I was unconsciously living in fear. That because of those fears, I was constantly in a state of trance. This trance brought forward in me behaviors that did not fully reflect in the outside world the truth about my intentions.

Getting to know you well, my shadows, is the work of a lifetime. Getting to know oneself I find is the most adventurous journey. The transmutation to qualities of light, love, kindness and peace is my daily duty and commitment. It is not easy all the time.

Thank you for accepting to reaveal yourselves to me, and to morph into love gems as I gain, over time, the discipline and courage to face you, like the fierce warrior I want to become. Facing Truth and Reality, with Radical Acceptance, is what you all thought me my shadows. You can melt away now, and shine light.