Let’s not forget this series is called Letters of gratitude. How could I not have gratitude for lust? I cannot imagine anybody not interested in the call of nature.  I always had the feeling this Lust word had a bad reputation; maybe that is because English for me is a second language, a second culture. It seems to me that libido is an essential part of any healthy grown-up psychological and emotional landscape. In some cases, the emotions are left out (ok, many cases). I never understood why we human beings tend to give more importance to the excessively negative use of realities as opposed to the joyful aspect they bring to life when experienced with balance, honesty and love.

I cannot remember being alive and not having experienced lust. Even as a young child in hospital, I would reduce the adults around me to the size of a Barbie doll and strip them naked in my imagination. This certainly was a perfect example of a power trip. The learning of power we can have over others.

My childhood fantasies were filled with a lot of scenarios cradling my nights. At twelve years old, I was crying at night, envisioning the certainly numerous upcoming troubles and heartaches of dating I would have to go through to finally be able to choose a life partner. I understood early on that lust is an essential component of the growing up process. It was a big aha moment when I realized my desire for another was reason enough to honor my experience, to get to know myself better as opposed to align my choices and behaviors to social and religious impositions.

Lust helped me break barriers and invisible veils, dig deeper within myself to get to know myself better, identify my dreams, my own nature, my strengths and weaknesses, my expectations over others and life. When curiosity & joy have met and been fed, the slate is clean to address more serious considerations and choices. Lust is an emotion that can grab you viscerally. It is the call for joy, enthusiasm, appreciation for living and expressing in the moment. I am grateful to have welcomed the calls of lust, and experienced its gifts with all my senses. The legacy is a self-generating and permanent joy, deep inside myself, that nobody can steal. The assurance that this world is tremendously inviting, because it is never fully experienced.  Lust as freedom calling me to become who I really am with so many choices in this buffet called life. And ultimately, the path to learn to love ad infinitum, really.