Resentment is an emotion, a feeling, and as with any positive or negative state, provides information to us if we are open to listen to its signals. Who, as a human being, has not experienced the slightest level of resentment?

I have experienced resentment. As I grew and matured, I learned the extent of damage living a life of resentment can lead to. I aspired to love, to be happy. Resentment had a role to play in my life. I needed to get away from the people I resented. Resentment was the signal something was wrong and insane in those family relationships.

Resentment was my call to action, a strong invitation to forgive. It is said that forgiveness is accepting the fact that the past could not have been different. I then probably have forgiven. The issue is always the present. Forgiveness does not mean you act as if nothing happened in the past with the people you resented.

People have not changed, and will not change. I tried several times to move on on a positive note. Resentment resurrects very early at each attempt to connect, to visit, to mend the past. Archaic behaviors, born of ignorance and blatant unconsciousness, emerge with their verbal abusive colors. The scars have healed, and I moved forward with my life, but they suddenly break open at the slightest attempt to build a new bridge. Resentment is a signpost on the road of my life, saying: “your time and energy will be better spent elsewhere.”

Everyday, I choose love and happiness. I choose my thoughts. When resentment shows up, I listen, and take a positive approach. Then I say: it’s dealt with. Go away resentment. When seen through the eyes of love, the sacred can be found in every situation, every decision, every choice, every silence. Resentment pointed me towards more love for myself, and more respect for others. Thank you resentment, you were useful. Now unless you have something else for me to consider, please dissolve  yourself into your nothingness.