Peace is a gift that is already present in each and everyone of us. The feeling of lack of peace, in this country, is a veil that can be lifted through a regular spiritual practice. Society chaos is a symptom of individual lack of peace. With an exponential multiplier.

My whole life up to this day has been a journey towards authentic and durable peace. Feeling peace and being aware of it is one of the key quests of a lifetime.

I was far from knowing peace in my family of origin. I found life was so difficult and thought that it was what life was all about, until I left home as an emancipated adult and really felt a heavy weight removed from my whole being. I was a late discoverer of my own freedom.

The first glimpse of authentic peace, I felt while I fell on my knees during a difficult period of my life. I was totally possessed by anxiety. I was showing up to every required task and more for success and autonomy, and nothing was bearing fruit. During a moment of truth, on my knees, at home, I suddenly felt embraced and almost caressed  by the peace of the Infinite emerging from inside myself: “..and if this is what was really supposed to happen? What if unemployment was not my fault for now? What if life did not wish me any harm? Don’t you get it girl? Do not worry Honey, and detach yourself from the results. None of this is your fault. You are not guilty of anything. Just go with the flow and continue to show up to the task. Everything will be ok.”

The world outside ourselves is an adventure, a dance, a game about choosing the level of responsibilities we are willing to take on. The real trek towards peace is an inside job. To do this, I embarked on a journey to get to know myself (a job of a lifetime), all good and bad; relying on myself and staying away from the victim mode; understanding that a life well lived must evolve around service to others; practicing detachment and learning to letting go. Once we know our demons, we can fire them and focus on the love that we are.

I am now somewhere on that learning curve. I know that sustainable peace is an internal state of balance and of totally living in the moment. I am going back all the time to my peace centre, my breath. No matter what happens, I am taken care of. I control much less than what I do not control. Letting myself be led by the Source, while enjoying my freedom to choose, is the gift from the Infinite.