It could be said that failure is the non-attainment of an expected result in a reasonable timeframe, with the appropriate resources. We live in a society that depends on the concept of success and failure, a.k.a. Competition. We have been taught that we cannot be happy if we do not reach success according to society standards. I admit I have fully bought into that brain-washing junk. Along the way, I studied, and worked, and performed. According to the standards of the work that needed to be delivered, I succeeded. Up to this day, I have developed my own collection of the so-called failures.

Failure is an illusion. When internally driven, there comes a time in one’s life to never again be influenced by external pressures and society imperatives. With experience, comes the ability to throw bones to the dogs without having to bare one’s soul.

Failure is related to the passage of time, which passage is an illusion. All perceived failures are the necessary learning steps towards a deepening of one’s craft, one’s soul, one’s knowledge of self and of the workings of the world. The main purpose of life, apart from learning to love, is to know thyself. This takes a lifetime, and many successes (thank god these are no failures!) often do not contribute much to one’s inner knowledge or joy on his/her path of service to bliss.

At some point, I realized that a goal reached brought happiness, but appreciating the process to reach it provided many occasions to deepen joy, which for me has much more value. It was by looking inside myself, into my soul, searching for answers, better ways, and figuring out the right balance between the fear of unknown territories and sweet comforts, that my truth emerged, and my path lighted increasingly. I found authenticity to be the foundation of a life of growth and expansion, aligned with a desirable destiny of love, service and yes, bliss.

Failure is not part of my repertoire of situations to stay away from. I have cumulated experiences of discovery, of deepening knowledge, of improving skills and techniques, of dusting off the resilience muscle again, of spiritual transformation, of infinite growth. The Infinite is my oyster, and I know for a fact that, according to society’s (external) standards, the ones in history who succeeded the most are the ones who “failed” the most.  Life is on our side, as long as our time is not over.