Oh, trust…For me, trust is a decision. A leap of faith. The
part we know for sure is always much smaller than the unknown one. Trusting is
accepting, welcoming someone. Trust is about people.  There are levels of trust. You always trust
“in a context”. I am not putting everyone and situation in the same “carte
blanche” bag.  We can trust completely,
like our better half, or we can trust employees in our team to do a good job.
Or we can trust that the person in line with us at the grocery store will keep
our rank safe in the line-up during the time we grabbed a forgotten item on the
shopping list. These are all varying degrees of trust, and consequently, of
risk we decide to take.

Trusting requires some degree of information. In the absence
of knowledge, we may decide to trust, until proven wrong. It is not a wrong or
bad decision to trust. In fact, it means we say Yes!  to life. As events unfold, things may happen
that could demonstrate our trust was misplaced, and that is fine too. Maya
Angelou said “When we know better, we do better.” Corrollarily, when we know
better, we align our trust better. There is no point in blaming ourselves for
trust that has been misplaced.  It
represents either a learning experience, or love shared to others in the
absence of more information. And that is courageous and generous.

I am grateful to be able to trust people. Trusting for me as
been a blessing to me and to the ones I have been in relation to. Trusting also
means I have respected people to the level of capacity they able to share with
me on their life path. I have as a companion to my trust discernment, realistic
expectations, and total respect for myself and the ones who share my path.

I feel sadness when I sense a person cannot totally commit
to love because of past emotional trauma. I have to “trust” that this person
will find the same access to the Source inside him that we all have, to find
his way to love and joy, by having been sustained in learning to trust.