I do not like that word. Expectation is an
essential but misunderstood concept. Essential, because it helps one define the
threshold over which or under which things & situation are acceptable or
not.  As imperfect human beings, we use
this definition either to our greatest joy or utmost misery on ourselves or others.

Early in their  life, part of educating kids is in helping
them develop self-confidence and self-respect. The expectation that others will
respect me if I respect myself is key to grow into a mature and productive
adult. In a healthy perspective in one’s life, we need our markers, in order to
make choices about what is acceptable or not.

Trouble starts when we impose either on
ourselves or others expectations that are either unrealistic, exaggerated, or
that simply put on others excessive demands or do not respect reasonable
individual boundaries.

I am grateful to have developed a strong
sense of the issues and responsibilities that belong to me, and those that do
not. I know when to take charge, when to apologize, and when to let go. I
learned early in life not to expect anything from anybody, except either a
neutral disposition, or minimal respect. Apart from that, I have almost no
expectations from anybody, except myself. Life goes on we learn, as we live. No
matter what happens, life goes on. I am in love with reality and truth,
realizing I am not fully aware of the truth. Having very basic expectations or
none at all leads me on the path of self-responsibility, and on the way of
being surprised by life and people’s gifts to me if and when they ever