Growth is painful. There is no growth without stepping out of our comfort zone. I realized I had always lived in fear. Fear of the unknown, of what I do not control. Fear is subtle. In such an emotional landscape, to be able to bear the pain of anxiety, I had to learn to let go. Accepting not to resist to life, to live in the moment, to realize that everything that happens is not a judgement on myself. Lumping negative patterns of the past together to be able to get rid of them. When the slate is clean, growth can take root in a fertile emotional ground. A university colleague, many years ago, made me realize the immense blessing of being able to learn, to push the boundaries of curiosity, to develop a better grasp of my own and other people’s experiences. Once into real life, we realize the more we know, the more we need to know, because there is never enough wisdom, knowledge and love for the ones who see truth as the pivotal foundation of a life well lived.

Growth happens either gradually or in big leaps. It is interesting to realize that, by observing and learning from  the experience of others, we save ourselves many years of trials and errors. In this way, we can condense many lives into one.

I now welcome growth as a privilege. Accepting to stretch myself in less comfortable situations opens the door to more of everything, and mostly, for me to become more of what I am supposed to be potentially.

Learn and grow, because you never have enough to go through life. Accepting to grow is a form of abundance.