This week, I was in deep writing mode for my friends. In creative mode. I needed to cuddle with my soul. Here are shared songs that helped me dig deeper into myself and my emotions of the moment. You will see my tastes are very eclectic. ]May you discover sexy & talented guitarist Joe Satriani and re-discover the unique Leonard Cohen.  I was about to forget Eva Cassidy, the genius angel voice who died too young (from cancer). These artists are the voices of my invisible friends right now. They, through their songs, promote truth, love, and the most important experiences of life. I have also added Adagio from Albinoni, which I could listen to all day and the most popular piece from St-Preux, the Concerto pour une voix, Sarah Brightman with La Luna and for dessert, Adagio from Albinoni again, sung by Il Divo, for some more high class testosterone. I saw both Leonard Cohen and Il Divo shows in Victoria, British Columbia, last year. Memorable. May you be inspired this week. I have. The joy was profound, being exposed to all that talent readily available on YouTube.