Creativity and Innovation are key players in the evolution of our world. Having worked in economic development, I know that to market innovation internationnally, many steps in collaboration from researchers, marketers and risk investors are required to bring a new product to market. The cycle of innovation, to bear fruit, is a work of patience, faith, good governance and business intelligence.  When I was working in the municipal sector, it was obvious to me that all sectors of the economy more or less directly influenced one another to thrive in a given city-region.  I wanted to bring closer together the Art and Culture sector an the Technology sector.  Academicians have documented the importance of collaboration for business success, while respecting confidential proprietary information.  The economic competitiveness of a city-region is, among others, directly dependent on the quality of life and the level of creativity that exists within its boundaries (see the work of academician Richard Florida who has documented and observed what happens in different city-regions around the globe).

The private sector needs to innovate in order to remain competitive in global markets. Innovation & research are costly and many companies had to close down because they could not afford the high costs of bringing new products to market while maintaining their ongoing operations.

I then became obsessed with everything that can help creativity blossom.  We live in a power dominant culture, with pre-conceived ideas of what works and what doesn’t in order to achieve success.  We have forgotten that we live in a universe of infinite possibilities, and that creating is at the core of the most important potentialities of the human race.

I realized I would not be of good use to my profession and career if I did not start to create myself, to become a more creative person. Feedback from friends really emphasized I should thing about writing more often.  The Artist’s Way, the trilogy from Julia Cameron, ignited my passion for the arts and helped me see links between very divergent areas of society, namely the artists, actors, etc., and the serious world of business and competitiveness.  I strongly believe these two different worlds, in their many facets, have to learn from one another, without changing at the core the different ways by which they operate. I also know that a personal evolution sooner or later translates into surprising new endeavours and productive initiatives to help more traditional sectors evolve and adapt to the only constant: a changing world.

For 2011, I have now committed to write and create in mixed media arts on a more regular basis. By experience, I know I cannot create without inspiration. I have recently found my Muse.  What is a Muse?

A person who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.

This muse is all about determination and resilience while remaining kind-hearted at the core, which is important for combining career success and a life well lived. A human sample as a metaphor to the cycle of innovation:

  • choosing a goal: choosing acting as a career, vs envisionning a marketable concept from scientific & technology business
  • doing the work for many years: acting school, sporadic contracts, researching opportunities, competition, hanging on to the envisionned goal, vs long product research process from basic concept to marketable product & finding angel investors.
  • In both cases, investment of time, money, and facing a high opportunity cost.
  • Persistence and time eventually bear fruit: sustainable contracts in acting, and a leading-edge marketable product, ready for export markets for the private sector.

There are links to be made between the Arts and Technology, Media Arts apart. We have emerging actors and actresses, and emerging economic clusters ( cluster means a group of companies specialized in a sector like telecom for ex., or life sciences, or tourism). Both need vision, faith, hard work, investment and resilience all the way to their respective goal.

This is why my Muse is precious. Whatever I draw from “her” is my raw materials not only for my creativity, but also to apply in my work life, to be useful to the “economic environment”.   The inspired artistic creations, born from the soul, the heart, the spirit and the world of feelings, help the unfoldment of innovative projects, commitment to work in a spirit of service, and collaboration with a wide variety of stakeholders with sometimes very divergent perspectives.

For the ones who wunder who is my Muse, it is American Primetime tv actor, Jeff Branson.