A new year, no resolution we cannot keep.  Definitely, an open heart, an inclination to do our best.  I will speak for myself.  We often hear that the greatest gift we can offer is love.  I agree.  There are so many ways to give love.  Love is the gift I want to bring to 2011.  The real question is how will I give this love?  This is where it starts to really answer the question, by defining the gifts I have to offer.  I want to bring my passion, enthusiasm to everything I do.  I want to share my writing, hoping I become better at providing real value in my texts.  I want to continue to experience heart fervor and longings, and sharing with friends.  More specifically, I want to practice patience and caring attention, by knowing that everything that happens is part of my growth process.  I want:

  • To learn to become friend with the present moment
  • To better understand that the purpose of my life is as simple as focusing on the purpose of the moment
  • To realize that the larger picture of life’s path unfolds as I stay at my task , focusing on the good that is always present around me and within me.
  • To boldly let my true nature fully unfold, with patience and care.
  • My friends to feel deeply loved and respected.
  • To have relationships based on trust, joy and comfort.

I wish for my friends and myself, to fully experience this love through wisdom, balance, learning, sharing and lovingkindness.  I wish I find ways to extend all of this a little to people who I do not consider friends (yet).

One decision at a time, these wishes will become reality.  And you, what do you want to bring to 2011?